About Avi

Very rarely one comes across an individual who possesses such diverse experiences as that of Avi. Avi is a science and business graduate. He pursued his passion for human psychology by completing his NLP masters. He is a gluttonous reader of books, an intense meditator, and a spiritual teacher. A burning passion to know the intricate functioning of the human mind has been the driving force of his life. He quit his well paying financial analyst job at Thomson Reuters to pursue his passion for self-enquiry. The amazing depth of his understanding of life comes from his experiential inner journey.

Avi is the founder of “Meditation Farm” which is transforming lives by offering meaningful and impactful programs for self-transformation. He has delivered talks to individuals and corporate organizations on diverse subjects ranging from stress-relief, happiness, leadership, communication, self-realization, meditation and more.

Avi moved to America in the year 2017. Since arriving here, he founded “Meditation Farm” to help America de-stress, relax and go beyond the abysmal mental health situation it currently is in. He is on a mission to help people discover a stress-free and creative lifestyle filled with energy, enthusiasm, contentment and joy through the path of meditation.

More than all that Avi has accomplished, he is a wonderful human being at heart. He has now dedicated his entire life for helping people find their inner strength.  Avi currently lives in Crab Orchard, Tennessee where he is building the first Meditation center. He regularly travels around the country delivering lectures and talks. His talks are currently being transcribed into several books.

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