Virtue of Silence

by | Feb 4, 2020

Waking up to our true nature is simply to realize that we are dreaming all the time. Dream is not some isolated phenomenon of life; dream is life. Everything we dearly call life is a part of our dream. The reason why it is so difficult to see this is that we are deeply invested in this dream.

Since we have lived for such a long time in this dream state, it has become our reality. We have fully accepted this feeling of being in a dream as our physical and only reality, although we are constantly reminded that we cannot be here forever.

We are afraid to face the real questions of our existence, and our easiest escape from facing those all-important questions of life is to get busy. We are a lot more contented in constantly running around, trying to accomplish as many things as possible by being busy, as opposed to taking some time off to reflect in silence and aloneness about the nature of life and our place in it.

This is why one of the most difficult things to do is to simply sit quiet. This is also why meditation is such a difficult proposition for many of us. Not because meditation is inherently difficult, it’s because we have become too accustomed to losing ourselves in various activities of life. This is why watching a movie, meeting friends, going on a vacation, or planning for the future is infinitely easier when compared to sitting quietly in meditation.

The very fact that sitting quietly is difficult tells us that there is a lot of pain within us that we don’t want to see. We prefer to be distracted by some external activity because we are afraid to face the reality of our inner nature. We are always afraid of discovering something about ourselves that we don’t already know. It is almost like we are afraid of ourselves. Why else should sitting quietly in silence be such a big problem?


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