The Five “P’s” that will Help you Master Meditation

by | Feb 4, 2020

Most people today are afraid to try meditation because they think they don’t know how to do it. They believe they aren’t good at it, or they don’t think they are doing it “perfectly.” Well, here’s some refreshing news: You can meditate. Meditation practice is not meant to be perfect. Day by day, you can reap the benefits of meditation to a point where you will WANT to meditate. You will look forward to the joy, happiness, and peace. The connection with Self on a daily basis allows your life to flow easily, effortlessly, and enjoyably.

Purpose–Before starting, it is important to decide why you want to develop a daily practice of meditation. What is your motivation? It might be to foster peace on Earth, manage anxiety or reduce stress, live a more peaceful life, improve your overall health, or even boost success. Whatever your personal reasoning, it is crucial to be aware of your purpose. Assign a time of day and decide on how long you will practice. I recommend in the morning, right after you wake up, for 30 minutes daily. If 30 minutes is too much, do what you can; 5-10 minutes is a great place to start.

Place – Where you choose to meditate is more important than many think. The more sacred and calming you can make your chosen space, the more successful your meditative experience will be. Consider using incense and candles during your sessions. Is it possible to dim the lights? You could create an altar for yourself. Be sure that wherever you choose, it is a quiet place where you feel at ease and won’t be disrupted.

Positivity – Keep a positive mental attitude. Many people sit down for two minutes then quit, not giving the practice a chance. When you are learning, it takes far longer than two minutes to shift your mind’s awareness from the happenings around you and in the mind to fully focus on your inner self. If you give up too soon, you are doing yourself a disservice. The practice of meditation will empower you. The practice strengthens your ability to be at peace with your thoughts and emotions, meaning that you become a better person in your work, spiritual aspirations, relationships, hobbies…the list goes on. Subtle irritants won’t bother you anymore. Disappointments won’t be so disheartening. That person who is in a hurry and just cut you off on the highway won’t get you riled up (…as much). Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Posture – The best position to be in when meditating is sitting upright with a straight spine. If you are not accustomed to the traditional cross-legged position, you can sit on a chair, with both feet flat on the ground and your hands resting on your thighs. Wear loose clothing to allow for easy breathing. The key element here is to be comfortable and sitting up. This position encourages the fullest flow of energy within your spine and body.

People – People, wonderful people! Find a like-minded community that can coach you, support you, and keep you on track. Learning meditation is similar to implementing and maintaining a consistent exercise regime. In order to expand and deepen the beneficial effects of meditation, you really need to establish a regular daily meditation practice. Like exercise, it is always easier and more effective to have a trainer, a partner, or a group for support to help you to reach your goals. Meditation is the golden key to all the mysteries of life. Remember these 5 P’s and you’ll be well on your way to meditation success

David Sandercott has been helping people for over ten years as a coach in business, meditation, mindset, healing, weight loss and more. David is the expert in helping people find the peace and happiness they seek, while improving their overall health and well being.

David Sandercott

Arcata Ca


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